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LPG Market Assessment and Strategy

13 May 2020 | Cambodia

Providing In-Depth Analysis of LPG


Providing in-depth analysis of LPG market demand and supply, distribution, pricing, competitive forces for O&G company.


Our client, one of the largest O&G companies in Southeast Asia wanted to assess the opportunity and the strategy to enter Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar LPG markets.

lpg market assesment and strategy


YCP Solidiance team met and profiled the main competitors in the markets to understand how they were addressing the challenges and opportunities from the demand side and regulatory frameworks and assess the possibilities for PTT to partner with them.


YCP Solidiance mapped out the demand and supply sides of the LPG industry in each geography, the legal framework, and common practices, and finalized with a full-on financial valuation and 5 years road map.

Engagement ROI

Based on the proposed analysis and strategy, our client managed to better understand each of the targeted SEA markets and seized opportunities to enter and grow their presence in the industry.

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